Meshnet Connection Guide

Or, how to use the "SantaCruzMeshnet" WiFi

If you live in Santa Cruz, you may have seen a new WiFi network around town called "SantaCruzMeshnet". This network is part of Project Meshnet, a global initiative to build nonhierarchical community-owned computer communication infrastructure. This guide will help you to connect to, make use of, and expand that infrastructure.

Why Join the Meshnet?

How to Join the Meshnet

Installing Software

To join the meshnet, you first need to install a piece of software called cjdns, which stands for "Caleb James DeLisle's Networking Suite". The cjdns program connects to other people's copies of cjdns, in a process called "peering", encrypts and decrypts traffic, and figures out the most efficient way to move messages from computer A to computer B, even when those computers aren't directly connected.

On Windows, the easiest way to install cjdns this is with the CJDNS for Windows Installer, which will install cjdns and set it up to start when you start your computer.

On Mac and Linux, the situation is more complicated. Please follow the main cjdns setup instructions.

Connecting via Wifi

If you can see the "SantaCruzMeshnet" WiFi network, connect to it. If you have cjdns installed on Mac or Linux, it should automatically connect to other cjdns nodes on the network. On Windows, you will need to configure your node manually. Select "Configure cjdns" from the Start menu, and paste this section in the file that opens, directly under where it says "//Ask somebody who is already connected":

    "password": "khrju5tblygj30qgpb17hubju6u9z5q",
    "publicKey": "71fq3bwvg2ftjhkpzrmc9wc1wfrmh4lz4pk0qkn5kfr57vww3kq0.k"
    "password": "a5nrsbqm6UXBqvWXM3KL7XeY",
    "publicKey": "nu8yx4ht958wqlvvxj7fgfq7l5yq13cc9ycnr8sfjtzm3zjlxhm0.k"

Save the file, close Notepad, close the new console window that pops up, and wait for the main console window to close. You should then be able to access the main SCMP WiFi node, unless it is down.

Note that you might want to have two WiFi adapters, or a WiFi and an Ethernet adapter. While your WiFi is connected to the "SantaCruzMeshnet" network, it won't also be connected to your home WiFi, and thus won't be connected to your Internet connection.

Connecting over the Internet

The Santa Cruz Meshnet Project currently does not host any public peers on the Internet. If you want to get connected immediately, try some peers from the Hyperboria public peer database.

If you want to coordinate a direct peering connection over the Internet, please send us a Reddit modmail.

Connect With Us

The Santa Cruz Meshnet Project is engineering hardware and software solutions to easily and cheaply connect Santa Cruz residents into a meshnet. Solutions will be available to connect people of all levels of technical expertise.

We will provide:

If you are interested in peering, or want to get in touch, please send us a Reddit modmail.