The Santa Cruz Meshnet Project is building a free, nonhierarchical, censorship-resistant computer network in Santa Cruz, California that is accessible to all.


1/10/17 - CJDNS for Windows 0.8-proto18 released!
4/24/16 - Wifi Setup and Connection Guide!
3/28/16 - CJDNS for Windows 0.7-proto17 released!

Meshnet Connection Guide

With the launch of our WiFi network, we have released a new connection guide for getting started with cjdns. If you came to this web site because you saw our WiFi network, this is the page you want to read.

Read the Santa Cruz Meshnet Project Connection Guide

CJDNS for Windows

The Santa Cruz Meshnet Project is proud to offer the cjdns installer, which brings the cjdns software that powers the meshnet to Windows in an easy-to-use form. Yes, even if all you have is one Windows laptop, you can be part of the meshnet!

Get the cjdns installer